The use of a helmet and appropriate protective equipment within the installation is always mandatory.


Some bikes are better than others according to the terrain. Just because you can see the track, does not mean you can ride it with your bike.


Do not use the clues where you do not feel safe enough, and do not let anyone advise you otherwise. Us all the protections.


Always keep a speed that allows you to react to obstacles or changes in the conditions of the track.


Never go to the limit on tracks where you are not familiar. You need to recognize the itinerary you are making for the first time at a lower speed.


You never know what or who will be behind the curve or the grade change when you can not see beyond


Pays more attention and slows down on rainy days, the wooden walkways being wet slip.


Stop and watch all the parts of the track that seem like a challenge, before shooting them.


Work the obstacles and tricks well. Find other ways to practice the movements with less difficulty in comfortable situations, or do it more slowly, before committing to a technical stretch.


Be attentive to the other riders on the track, if they go slower, say hello, it's a polite way to ask them to move away and therefore, if you hear it behind you it will mean that someone wants you to move to be able to overtake, get on the safe side of the track and let them pass you by.


Sensitize yourself to leave no trace of dirt. This means that you do not leave excessive footprints in skids or tricks unnecessarily. Follow the marked itineraries and do not believe new ones.


- It is forbidden to damage the environment

- Give way to all vulnerable people (hikers)

- Respect the plants and animals of the environment

- Respect the environment avoiding any harmful action

- It is forbidden to dump waste in the environment. Any waste generated by the rider during the descent must be kept in his belongings until he reaches the meeting point (Bar Zone).

- Separation container at the meeting point (Bar Zone)

- Conservation of nature. Respect it.

* The violation of any of the rules of conduct and behavior of the bike park involves the loss of the ski pass, the expulsion of the facilities of La Sorrera and the interposition of the relevant legal actions that may arise. Responsibility sheet and authorization to mandatory minors, downloadable in the Documentation section. 

As well as anyone who teaches private / group classes without prior notice to those responsible for the Bike Park and / or corresponding qualification and therefore non-compliance with the responsibility document, in the event of an accident the Bike Park insurance is not will be responsible and will lead to actions by the Bike Park as misuse of the facilities.


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