Extraescolar BTT/BMX/DIRT


You want to learn the techniques
and twists of BMX / Dirt?

What, how and where will it appear?


Twists, jump technique, balance, irregular grounding, braking, repair and maintenance of your bike, psychomotility, downhill safety and especially outdoor fun.
You will learn all this through games and learning techniques in the hands of expert monitors in BTT, BMX and Dirt.
You will find it at La Sorrera Bike Park. C/ Maduixers 08530 La Garriga..



Technique and control
absolute on the bicycle


Beginning of the course


October 2017. Every Wednesday (5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.)


Telf. 639.779.310.
Fix. 93.871.51.83.
35 euros / month.
40 euros / month.
(bicycle + helmet)

Where are we

C/ Maduixers s/n.
La Garriga 08530.
La Sorrera Bike Park
(BICIEQUIP) Barcelona

* Prices with monitor